Each of us are a part of the big universe. We have an encoded desire to evolve. Our belief is that each of us bring concrete impulses to the world and by developing ourselves, we improve the environment around us - both on a large and small scale.

We are pleased to announce that we, SUNSTAR GROUP, have grown and mature to engage in socially responsible projects.

Our first social project is to support Latvia's young, talented sidecar motocross riders, twin brothers Daniel and Bruno Lielbārži on their way to the title of World Champion.


Twin brothers Daniel (rider) and Bruno (sidecar passenger) Lielbārži are 14 years old. Motocross has been riding since the age of 4, initially the brothers rode quadricycles, but later (at the age of 6) a decision was taken that the brothers will ride a sidecar.

A great support of brothers is their father, who has guided them in this sport both by training and by promoting their growth.

Athlete Kaspars Stupelis also provides all kinds of support to the brothers.
Brothers are the pioneers of the children's sidecar class in Latvia. They have successfully competed in the Netherlands, winning prizes.

Motocross is a sport that requires high physical strength, therefore the brothers also seriously train in cross-country skiing and athletics - in multi-fight, achieving good results in these sports as well (in 2019 Bruno won 3rd place in Latvian ski championship and 3rd place in Latvian hurdles championship, Daniels has won the 3rd place in the barriers in the Latvian indoor championship).

At the age of 16, the twin brothers want to participate and represent Latvia in the World Championship in sidecars. The future goal of the brothers is to represent Latvia to the World and become the World Champions.


Motocross is a sport that requires not only a lot of work and athletic spirit, but also financial resources - reaching about 43 000 EUR during the season (PDF file).

So far, most of the cost has been paid by the family. For the brothers to be able to continue training and compete, the family investment is not enough.

We can do more together, so we want to invite you to support Daniel and Buno Lielbārži by donating the necessary financial resources.

Any donated amount (50, 100, 200 Eur. Eur) will be useful for the brothers on their way to the title of World Champion, the size of the donation does not matter!

Let's support the future world motocross champions together!

Kaspars Stupelis, Latvian motorcyclist, the richest medalist in motocross in the sidecar class.

"I know the guys from the first few meters on the sidecar, I have stood closer or farther and have been following them closely. I have always helped their parents to make the right decisions so that they don't take big steps too early, but now I can say that a big step has been taken now. "The guys are stronger, faster and show very stable and amazing results. I think this should be a crew that would continue the story of Serģa, Rupeika, Daideru and my story in the World Championship!"

Achievements so far

  • 2014. Latvian Junior Championship kids sidecars/150 m3 1st place
  • 2015. Latvian Junior Championship kids sidecars/150 m3 2nd place
  • 2016. Latvian Junior Championship kids sidecars/150 m3 3rd place
  • 2017. Latvian Junior Championship kids sidecars/150 m3 3rd place
  • 2017. BALTIK Sidecars King bērnu B/V 250 m3 2nd place
  • 2018. Latvian Amateur Championship B/V /250 m3 6th place
  • 2018. BALTIK Sidecars King kids sidecars/250 m3 1st place
  • 2019. Latvian Championship sidecars PRO/WSP -ZABEL 13th place
  • 2019. Latvian Amateur Championship sidecars / WSP-ZABEL 3rd place
  • 2020. Latvian Amateur Championship sidecars 1st place
  • 2020. Latvian Championship sidecars sidecars 4th place

To donate, contact SUNSTAR GROUP project manager Nauri Krūgaļaužu or make a donation using the following details:

Association "TWIN SPORT"
Reg. No.: 50008293271
AS "SEB Banka"