Media Control becomes Sunstar Group!

Dear customers and partners of Media Control! We`re becoming  Sunstar now!

From this moment Media Control  becomes a part of  Sunstar® Group  and continue under Sunstar  brand! Previous name does not show full range of services we provide, that`s why cooperation with Sunstar® Group means, that our range of services becomes more wider.

With trademark change we made our next step to keep our leading positions on market as innovative and reliable partner for each company and it`s management. From the beginning of year 2003 number of our customers increased from 50 till 1000 and at the moment we are leaders on market of fire safety and private data protection (GDPR).

Our trademark change will not affect to our cooperation in any way. Trademark change will be completed till the end of the year 2019 step by step.

What  isn`t changing?

Our cooperation – range of our services becomes more wider!

Our management and legal information of Media Control  will not be changed. This means that all contracts are still valid.

What  is changing?

Emails, correspondence, phone calls, messages You will receive from Sunstar name.  mediacontrol.lv homepage will be transfered  to sunstar.group step by step .  If You will try to find us as Media Control as usual , You will be automatically redirected to our new homepage.

We continue to grow up with our customers and partners!

Sincerely Yours

Media Control