Sunstar® Group-Your reliable partner in Your company development. Don`t give up, You can reach much more! Use our modern, comfortable and thought out solutions.
COMPETENCEWe are leaders in private and public industries. We provide accurate long-terms strategies.
EMPATHYWe are able to understand needs of every company and can provide individual plan of required actions
ACCURACYWe know laws very well and can explain its to our customers
INNOVATIONWe are creative and modern-we provide new services
More then 15 years of experience

Sunstar Group LTD  -largest leading competent institution in Latvia.

We are serving more then 800 customers in different industries-building, manufacturing, logistics, finances, public sector and more. Our customers- small companies (till 10 employees) and large international companies with number of employees till 2000 and branches in different Latvian regions. Our quality sign- long-term relationships with customers! Our main achievement -positive feedback from customers about out work!

ISO certificates:



The Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Union of competent institutions of work safety
Latvian Firefighting Association